of Lexington, KY

Club Leadership

The elected club officers are listed below.
Committee chairpersons and members are appointed as necessary by the board.

Tom Myers

Tom Myers received a B.S. in Entomology at Purdue University. His graduate work was in Entomology and Insect Pest Management at Iowa State University. His research has been published in Scientific Journals and Industry Trade Magazines. He is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences, training courses, university classrooms and seminars. Tom has made hundreds of presentations to local school groups, scout troops, civic groups and other professional groups.Tom Myers is a Board Certified Entomologist and president of All Rite Pest Control. Tom and All Rite have worked with the University of Kentucky in research programs in termites, mosquito control and bed bugs. His early work in bio-diversity studies took him to the rain forests of South America, Africa and Asia. His more recent work has included travel to the Polar Regions at both ends of the earth to look at endangered species and habitats in these areas. He is a photographer and has traveled to all seven continents to document our world and the people and wildlife in it. Tom’s work has appeared in numerous magazines, calendars, newspapers, textbooks, TV broadcasts and scientific guides. His images have won both local and international honors.

Parham Baker
Vice President

I started in photography when I was in Junior High, with a makeshift darkroom in the utility room processing primarily black and white and learning to dodge and burn with my black and white enlarger.

Most of my years have been spent in the computer software industry, so when the digital photography age arrived, I was excited… once I had time to start delving into it.I shoot Canon equipment and am fairly fluent in Photoshop and numerous plugins and addons.   I have a small, DIY studio and enjoy doing still life but my passion is food and nature photography.

I occasionally put together somewhat impromptu shoots at various places as well as offering photography workshops.  I am also a member of several other camera clubs where I often conduct brief presentations on different aspects of photography.  I’m always happy to answer and questions or provide assistance to anyone, as others in the club have for me.

John Snell
Past President

After a computing career spanning nearly 30 years, John W. Snell shifted his focus to photography.  He is very much in his element while toting 30 pounds of camera gear and trekking around Kentucky’s Red River Gorge or other equally photogenic venues in the Smokies, North Carolina and West Virginia that are within easy driving distance.  He also enjoys photographing cityscapes and thoroughbred horse racing.  This award-winning photographer’s style is characterized by saturated colors and he attempts to represent his subjects in ways that evoke smiles of wonder from those viewing his work.

John’s work has appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Keeneland magazines, TIME books, McGraw-Hill books, as well as numerous local publications.  His Red River Gorge, The Eloquent Landscape, a 168-page coffee table book of photographs, was introduced in late 2006 and is quickly went into a second printing.  Nearly 100 of his photographs grace the pages of  Through the Eyes of Lincoln, A Modern Photographic Journey, which was released in April, 2008.

John’s images are marketed through galleries and gift shops throughout Kentucky.  He also sells his work at art fairs throughout the region.  Corporate buyers of his work include Kentucky American Water Company, Norton Brownsboro Hospital (Louisville, KY) and Eli Lily (Indianapolis, IN).  His photographs are displayed in hotels, hospitals and other public and private venues throughout the country.  In addition, he conducts photographic workshops and provides digital printing services for other artists and photographers.

A native Kentuckian, he resides in Lexington with his wife, Anne.  Visit his website at www.johnsnellphoto.com or call him at (859) 254-1929 to make an appointment to visit his Lexington gallery.

Ken Graulich

Ken is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School and Case Western Reserve University’s Neurology program.  He practiced for over 30 years in Central Kentucky as a Board Certified Neurologist.  His interest in photography began shortly after he married, but he never developed a unique style or voice.  He did not feel the need intensely and loves that there are so many techniques available to photographers today.  So every few weeks or months he changes to a new interest like B&W or Macro. He credits his time in the Creative Camera Club for the majority of his growth as a photographer.When interviewed for the job of club treasurer he was asked only one question,”Can you count?”, and fortunately was then and still is able to give the correct answer.

Jan McKinney

Kathy Davis
Newsletter Editor

Kathy and her husband Clay visited Lexington KY for a weekend  in 1997 and fell in love with the people, culture and horses of the bluegrass. They moved to Lexington in 2003. She became passionate about horses and picked up a camera in 2004 and started photographing them.  Prior to that she was an  professional interior designer in Pittsburgh .  She holds a degree in interior design for Syracuse University, taught design for the extension program at Cornell University and Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Jack McKinney

Jack McKinney is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University (BS EE ’64) and Akron University (MS EE ’68.)  In a 50 year carrier, he has a number of publications on semiconductor chip design and software development, in addition to 2 patents.  He has lived in Lexington since 1975 with his wife Jan.  His interest in photography starts in 1968 with the purchase of a Minolta SLR and this blended nicely with professional work in semiconductor photo-lithographic processing.  Photographic interests include Macro, Flowers, and Landscapes.  Membership in the Creative Camera Club has provided an opportunity to develop an artistic sens that makes use his technical understanding of the photographic processes.

Ward Ransdell

Ward Ransdell is a retired optometrist, having practiced for 44 years in Lexington. He has been a member of the Creative Camera club for 25+ years. His interest in photography began in college and he has been active ever since. While his children were in school he concentrated on youth soccer. He was fortunate to obtain credentials to shoot the women’s world cup soccer team during games in the U.S. in 2003 and 2004. As a member of the medical team at the Special Olympics International Games in New Haven, CT, Ward took an image which was one of the winning pictures of the Parade Magazine national photo contest in 1995. Since then he has been a regular photographer for the Special Olympics of Kentucky. Since retiring he is using some of his time to attend photo workshops. His interests continue to be Special Olympics, and nature, wildlife and photojournalism. He is married with 3 children, and 6 grandchildren.

Bill Cole