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General Tips for Image Preparation Jeff Lackey

Creating a Photography Web Site Using Photoshop

Richard Labunski

Photoshop Shortcuts and Actions

Allen Dawson

Photoshop Image Sizing

Jack McKinney

Monitor Calibration

Joe Omielan

Introduction to Photoshop Layers

Jack McKinney (sample image)

Creating Effective Slideshows

Jeff Lackey

Poor Man’s HDR

Allen Dawson

Setting Up Your Slideshow for YouTube Using Proshow Gold

Jeff Lackey

Learning to See Photographically

Bill Fortney

Achieving a Color Managed Workflow

Jeff Lackey

Exposure Calculator

Jack McKinney

Poor Man’s Color Matching

John Robinson

Printing Workshop Class Slides

Jeff Lackey

DIY Negative Conversion

Paul Briggs


Jack McKinney

Lenses and DOF

Jack McKinney