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Entry in the Annual Print Competition and Exhibition is limited to those who have attended at least six (6) club meetings and/or club functions as a paid member during the calendar year in which the show occurs and prior to the month of the show.


Any image may be eligible for the annual print competition provided that the image has not been entered in a previous annual print competition. Images determined to be inappropriate for display by the exhibit host and/or the Executive Committee will not be accepted or exhibited.


Unless modified by the Executive Committee, a maximum of four (4) prints (black and white, color or both for a total of four prints) may be entered. No more than three (3) prints may be entered in any one category.


The Executive Committee shall determine the time and date


The Executive Committee shall determine the location


The Executive Committee shall review all Annual Print Competition and Exhibition categories annually. This review shall consider current member interest and participation in all categories as well as requests from the membership for the consideration of additional categories or for the modification of existing categories. Any changes to the categories set forth below, other than the Wild Card category, shall be announced to the general membership no later than the February newsletter of the year in which the change will take effect.

There may be color and black and white/monochrome entries in each category. The categories shall be as noted below:

STILL LIFE:  An image captured in which the photographer has the ability to position and arrange the subject (which is typically inanimate items) and has control of the lighting. The ability to manipulate the appearance of the image is crucial. It should be contrasted with a found object where the photographer simply photographs a subject without the ability to position or light it.

BIRDS:  Any image in which birds are the primary subject.

ABANDONED:  Images of assumedly abandoned or left-behind objects, buildings or areas.  Photographers are especially encouraged to be cognizant of the issues of safety, permissions and trespass with this category.

SCENIC:  An image where the combination of both natural and man-made elements co-exist to produce a pleasing scenic image.   Either can be dominant but both must be present.

HAND OF MAN:  Man-made objects must be the focal point. Natural objects may be included as minor elements.

NATURAL PICTORIAL:  Natural objects must be the focal point. No evidence of man-made activities or objects shall be permitted.

FLORA:  Any photo with plants or plant life as the primary subject.

FAUNA:  Any photo which has animals or animal life as the primary subject and which DOES NOT includes birds (since they are a separate category).

SPORTS AND RECREATION:  Any sporting or recreational activity.

PHOTOJOURNALISM:  Story-telling photographs of “Man and Man’s Environment.” This category includes documentary, contemporary life, illustrative, news and human interest. Special emphasis is given to life in our world.

ABSTRACT:  An image that does not depict objects realistically but rather in patterns or forms of lines, masses, or colors. These abstract characteristics of the image must be produced during the action of taking the photograph in-camera, and not through techniques implemented during post-processing.

CREATIVE:  An image whose origin is a photograph (or photographs) captured in-camera, then manipulated digitally in image editing software without limitation. Included will be images manipulated using creative filters provided in Photoshop or via various 3rd party plug-ins, composite images representing the combining of two or more photographs and images resulting from the use of “actions” within the digital image processing step that may morph the original image(s) into something that bears little resemblance to the original. All parts of the image must be the work of the photographer.

PORTRAIT:  A photograph primarily of a person, especially of the face, i.e. a description, portrayal, etc., of a person(s).

ARCHITCTURE:  Any man-made building or structure or part thereof.
NOTE: Wild Card – The Executive Committee may elect to establish one wild card category for any Annual Print Show and Competition. A wild card category may be in addition to the categories set forth above. The subject and conditions governing any wild card category shall be announced to the general membership not later than the July newsletter preceding the Annual Print Show and Competition.



Three entries are required to permit a separate category for judging. If less than three color or three black and while entries are received they will be grouped into a common category for judging. Example: “Hand of Man” receives 12 color entries and 2 B&W entries. All entries would then be combined and judged as a group.


Unless modified by the Executive Committee, the print may be matted in any color and the overall area of the mat (including the picture) shall not be more than 384 square inches (Example: 16 x 24 inches) with the longest dimension being not more than 36 inches. There is no minimum size. The print must be framed in a simple, sturdy metal frame of any color and must have sturdy wire on the back to allow hanging. All prints must be behind glass or acrylic.


The Annual Print Competition shall have awards as follows:

A. Each entry may receive a maximum of two awards. One from the panel of judges and one Club Choice award.
B. An impartial panel of judges shall decide overall best of show entries and competition category awards. There will be awards for Best of Show, Best Color and Best Black and White. Four (4) awards may be awarded in each category: first place, second place, third place and honorable mention. If there are less than four (4) entries in a category, after the removal of any best of show winners, the judges shall award place awards as may be appropriate to the circumstances.
C. The club will determine by written secret ballot the best entry in each of the categories. If there is only one print in a category, the ballot shall provide for a Yes (the print should receive the club choice award) or No (no club award should be given in this category). The winner in each category will receive a Club Choice Award.
D. Levels Points shall be awarded for each of the above awards as set forth in the provisions of the Level’s program


Prints will be judged by at least three (3) photographers selected by the Executive Committee. The judges shall come from varied photographic specialties whenever possible. Photographs will be judged on the basis of technical quality, impact and overall neatness. They are not to be judged on matting or framing. The judges shall not have the authority to move a print from the category in which it is entered. Duplicate awards shall not be given. The Executive Committee shall issue instructions in conformance with the Rules and Regulations to each judge.


Each print must include identifying data and the category in which it is entered on the back to insure proper credit of the owner and shall not have the owners name visible on the front at the time of judging.


An identifying name card will be placed on or near each print following judging and the distribution of awards.


Members entering black and white prints in the annual print competition shall have their points counted toward the Black & White Photographer of the Year award. Members entering color prints in the annual print competition shall have their points counted toward the Digital Color Photographer of the Year award


The Creative Camera Club and the sponsoring gallery are not responsible for any damage which prints may incur. Care should be taken to assure print frames are properly assembled. All prints must be framed under glass or acrylic, so as to provide a consistent look and to avoid any accidental damage that may be incurred during cleaning.


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